Kids Say the Funniest Things

We teachers always say we should keep journals of all of the funny things kids say throughout the day. I have decided to keep a log here- so I can share them with all of the families of the kids in class, both past and present (and anyone else who cares to check out our wiki!). I'll add to this as the kids give me new material; enjoy!! 

Student 1: The hippo in that book is so fat!

Student 2: No, she's not fat, she's just overweight. 


Teacher: What makes families different?

Student 1: Some people in families have different noses. 

Student 2: Some families have dads with ride ons and others have push mowers. My dad has both! 


Teacher: When do people wear camouflage?

Student: When you are playing soccer and you want to look like a tree. Then the ball comes to you and you can kick it [without anyone knowing there is a person there]. 


My cat went out in the woods and got hurt by another big cat; I think it was a cheetah. When she came home she had a big scratch on her belly. 


Student: Hey Teacher, Teacher...
Teacher: I am your teacher, but call me Mrs. Gaffney.
(an hour later)
Student: Teacher, teacher...
Teacher: Please don't call me teacher; it's Mrs. Gaffney.
(a few minutes later)
Student: Hey Auntie! 


As part of a lesson, I had to illustrate a short story about an owl. Knowing illustrating is not my strong suit, I told the kids my drawing will be a little funny. Drawing is a little hard for me, like reading or writing might be for them. As I illustrated the kids gave me many compliments and told me what a great job I was doing. Such sweet little munchkins! The best comment was
"Wow Mrs. Gaffney, you could hang that picture up in a museum!" After telling you this scenario, I know you'd like to see these museum quality drawings-- feast your eyes on this!! 

** The third picture is not Echo the owl crashing but rather swooping down to get a mouse to eat.**

(Overheard in the lunch line) 

Student 1: Did you know we have 63 teeth in our mouths?
Student 2: Really, my mom is almost 63!

When I get bigger, I want to be a race car driver, teacher and a doctor. 

I was giving a lesson on symbols. One of the symbols was the McDonald's golden arches. One little guy exclaimed, "Ooh, I know that one is McDonalds. That place makes you fat!"