Instrumental Lessons

Overview of Lessons:

Each week in instrumental music lessons students work towards applying fundamental skills and techniques (listed below) into their playing. Learning to employ these techniques will allow the young musician to improve their performance and explore their creativity through playing music. Students have weekly homework assignments that introduces them to a variety of music repertoire while reinforcing fundamental skills.  


Fundamental skills & techniques:


*Deep breathing and tone production


*Rhythm / maintaining a steady beat

*Reading music notation

*Forming a correct embouchure 


Home Practice

Learning to play an instrument requires hard work; however the physical, social, emotional, and academic benefits of playing a musical instrument are invaluable! In order for students to reach their full potential and get the most benefit from their music studies, consistent home practice is imperative. Like playing an athletic sport, playing a musical instrument requires consistent physical training and conditioning, and frequent repetition in order to develop and build upon physical skill sets. Students should strive to practice at home for 15-20 minutes every day. This means that instruments should not be left in school overnight. Practice your instrument, and you will love your instrument.


Method Book:

Students use the "Methods of Success" method book in instrumental music lessons. Books should be purchased directly from Ms. Mahford when instrumental lessons begin in October.