Mrs. Janice Bell
Mrs. Bell

Welcome to our Web Site! We are happy you dropped in for a visit! At this site you will get the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the happenings in our classroom. It will also be a helpful tool for general information regarding our program. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this site, please send me an email at: bell[email protected]
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Enjoy your visit!

K is for kindergarten—hip, hip, hooray. 

I is for the imagination that we use every day. 

N is for the numbers we know—one, two, three. 

D is for drawing, the best you’ll agree! 

E is for exercise to keep our bodies strong. 

R is for reading books all day long. 

G is for good friends—we made more each day. 

A is for the alphabet we know how to say. 

R is for remembering everything we learned. 

T is for the treats for which we often yearned. 

E is for excitement—this year we will certainly have some. 

N is for next year—first grade here we come! 

When children come home at the end of the day,

The question they're asked as they scurry to play
is, "Tell me what you did today?"
And the answer they give makes you sigh with dismay.
"Nothing, I did nothing today!"
Perhaps nothing means that I played with blocks,
Or counted to ten, or sorted some rocks.
Maybe I painted a picture of red and blue
Or heard a story of a mouse that flew.
Maybe I watched the gerbils eat today,
Or went outside on the swings to play.
Maybe today was the very first time
That my scissors followed a very straight line
Maybe I lead a song from beginning to end,
Or played with a special brand new friend.
When you're in kindergarten
And your heart has wings,
"Nothing" can mean so many things!!