Using Technology to Learn

Most Region #10 families have computers in their homes. With adult coputersupervision, computers and the internet can be great teaching tools. There are many websites designed to help English Learners learn more about the English language and practice using it. I've listed just a few websites that you can access with your children to help them have fun with language while they're learning about it.

Sites for older students: great place to learn about English grammar resources for reading, writing, listening and speaking activities, including activities to learn about idioms and increase academic vocabulary. offers activities, lessons and quizzes for English Language Learners of various ages and levels. has puzzles, quizzes and translations from many languages.

Sites for younger students: has pictures showing many words in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. All children can enjoy hearing stories read to them through their computer as they look at the pictures. Hear children's stories read by actors.

**While the internet is an excellent resource for learning, I recommend all students use appropriate educational websites, I encourage parents to closely monitor students while on the computer. I'd also encourage families to place computers in a public area of the house!**