Homework Information


 Nightly homework is posted daily on our “Homework Board”.  It is your child’s responsibility to write down all assignments in his/her planner, bring home necessary materials, and hand in their work on time. 

            Please note that if your child spends more than 20 minutes on an assignment, I ask that they STOP and have a parent write a note on the paper or contact me, so that I know to go over the concept/review it with your child the next day. I understand what limited time we have in a day and I value all family time, so I don’t want a student to be stuck on an assignment for an extended amount of time.

Reading Homework:

In the 3rd grade students are expected to read at least 20 minutes 5 times a week.  This is important to help build reading comprehension and fluency.

Math Homework

  1. Monday: Math homework assigned for the

    The assigned math homework each week is a review of skills that students are learning in class.

  2. Fact Fluency:

Xtramath.org  2-3 times per week

Weekly homework assignment due dates:

Monday: Reading Log is Due

Wednesday: Math Homework Due

Friday: Math Homework Due