Human Body Unit

As we continue to learn about proper nutrition and the human body check out some of these great sites that you can learn from while being fun!


Nutrition Links


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The Digestive System


Watch this movie on the digestive system - it will take you through a trip into your body! Digestive System Movie

Check out this Interactive digestive system - it's really neat! Interactive System

Take the Quiz to test your digestive knowledge! Quiz!

Digestion for KIDS!

Digestive video for kids made by kids!




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The Skeletal System

An introductory movie on the skeletal system Skeletal Movie

Inside your bones! Check out this Interactive Bone!

What happens when you break a bone? Click here to learn more!

Moving and Growing

Zoom in on the body!

Assemble the Skeleton

Bone Matching!

Take the Human Body QUIZ!

Bone Research

Human Body Information and Skeleton

More Bone Research

More and More Research

Human Body Information

What are bones made of?

Skull Information

Radius and Ulna Information

The Muscular System

An introduction to the muscles

Read about the different types of muscles

How do you get muscles?

Match the Muscles! Game

Short Muscles video clip

Take the muscles Quiz!

The Nervous System

Introduction to the Nervous System

Interactive Brain and Nervous System

Read about the Brain and Nervous System

Watch a video about the Nervous System

Take a QUIZ to see how much you know!