Kristy Jadlos

Welcome to WELLNESS at Lake Garda School!
from Miss. J.

Kids Jumping

Region 10 Wellness provides a multitude of successful and meaningful movement experiences while fostering a physically and emotionally safe environment. These opportunities will prepare students to lead and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our program is Kindergarten through 4th grade and we see our students twice a week.The curriculum for K-2nd grade students focuses on locomotor movements such; as jumping, hopping, galloping and skipping. They learn manipulative skills such as throwing, catching, striking and kicking along with non-manipulative skills including balancing, twisting and stretching. Students will engage in a variety of activities to work on these skills throughout the year. First and second graders also learn about, germs, safety and nutrition during their health lessons.

 The curriculum for 3rd - 4th grade students participate in health lessons which are focused on personal hygiene, disease prevention and the body systems. During physical education students  develop skills that are integrated with sports and other activities. Students learn offensive and defensive strategies to then apply to passing, dribbling, and shooting skills during a unit such as basketball. Other non-traditional sports offered are dance, trestle tree (in place of gymnastics) yoga, orienteering and lifetime activities. Our curriculums are aligned with The Healthy and Balanced Living Curriculum Framework for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education as well as NASPE standards.All students are assessed in a variety of ways. Skill checklists, activity logs, CT Physical Fitness Assessment, personal reflection, writing prompts, short answer, self, peer evaluation, multiple choice, matching or true/false. Assessments can be informal or formal and grade or unit specific. 

Jump Rope For Heart
PE Fun Night
Health Promotion Week
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