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Extensive professional practice at the elementary school level, coupled with a near decade of middle school experience has provided me a unique professional perspective.  Though instructional methods and strategies vary with developmental needs characteristic of differing age ranges, the fundamentally intrinsic instructional needs of successful learners change very little. Be it second grade or seventh, expert educators enhance a secure learning environment through the respect for and validation of the individual learning needs and styles personified by the students in their care.  Perseverance, teach and reteach, flexible grouping, model at the think-aloud level or at the concrete -- the point is this:  The finest classroom settings reflect the blend of style, strategy and instruction that best serves the individual needs of the successful learner.

Our daily schedule finds us beginning with Number Corner before moving to specials which are immediately followed by Bridges math instruction.  The Writers' Workshop mini-lesson takes place during the twenty minutes prior to lunch, with the remainder of the lesson concluding upon our return.  Our Readers' Workshop sessions follow writing and close with the beginning of recess. The final part of our day is earmarked for science or social studies. We also receive Spanish instruction on Monday, Thursday, and alternating Tuesdays along with a visit to the computer lab each Wednesday morning.

Parent support and involvement are factors crucial to the success of your boys and girls.  If we are to create the classroom comfort-level so necessary to achievement and foster for elementary schoolers trust in themselves and in their learning environment, a strong home-school partnership is vital to securing and maintaining that sense of trust.  To that end, when questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I'm typically at Lake Garda by 7:30 a.m., and would be able to talk with you at any time before bus arrival.  If evening is more convenient for you, my home number is 760-703-4863. I can also be reached at any time via email: [email protected] I am always pleased to speak with you!

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