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What is FLES?


FLES (Foreign Language in the Elementary School) is a term used for early-start elementary school programs designed to expose young learners to the benefits of learning a world language other than English.  Region #10’s FLES program is delivered in Spanish beginning in grade three and is planned to prepare students to continue FLES at the middle school level in grade five.  Our program model reflects the National Foreign Language Standards by providing students with some fluency in the language, helping children learn about different cultures, providing them with an enlarged vision of the world, and motivating them to continue world language study in the middle school, high school, and beyond. 





Research indicates that before the age of ten the human brain is at an optimal ability to learn and mimic foreign language sounds.  The National Foreign Language standards indicate students with an earlier start to language learning are ensured greater success in learning language. Research shows FLES students outperform non FLES students on basic skills assessments, demonstrate greater mental flexibility and creativity, develop greater openness to other cultures and outperform peers on the AP foreign language exam.  

Mission Statement:  Regional School District #10 provides a safe and respectful learning environment to promote academic excellence and personal growth.  We work collectively to cultivate the skills and knowledge of our students to create inquisitive learners, innovative leaders, and responsible citizens.