Star of the Week

Star of the Week


Be a Star and Shine!

Each student will have an opportunity to shine ! 

Each week, one lucky student will be recognized as star of the week in our community
of learners to help us get to know our special classmates.

Monday: A small bag will be sent home to use as a sharing sack. Your child will collect
special items from home that will be shared on Monday. The items should have an
important significance to him or her along with six photos documenting birth to
4th grade. All pictures will be displayed on the Star of the Week bulletin board and
shared with the class.

Tuesday: Your star student can bring in one of his or her favorite picture books to read
to the class. 

Wednesday: Parents, please write a letter to the class telling us how special your child
is to you. Send the letter to school with your child in a sealed envelope, which I will read
aloud to the class and display it on our bulletin board. OR you can send in a movie or
PowerPoint displaying how special your child is to you. Please send in a USB port with
the file saved to it. The content is up to you, but could include the history of your child's
name, a funny story, and something we may not have know about the star. 

Thursday: Your child can bring in his or her favorite joke to share with the class. The
joke can be found in a book, on the Internet, heard from a family member, or simply
made up. Whatever the joke is, I’m sure it will make the class smile. 
: )


Friday: Your star will be presented with a friendship poster created by the other
students in the class. This poster will include compliments from each member of the