Meet Mrs. Flaherty


Hi and welcome to my page!
My name is Mrs. Christina Flaherty and this is my 
eleventh year at Lake Garda Elementary School. I had the honor of being nominated as
the Teacher of the Year for Region #10 during the year of 2015-2016.
I am grateful for that honor and work
hard at creating an inviting place to learn and grow!


When I'm not in school you can find
me spending time at home
with my two boys.
I have an 9 year old son Shea 
and a 6 year old son, Owen.
 I love to spend my free time running, doing yoga 
and playing baseball or soccer 
at home with my boys. 


me and the kids

team rockstar
My Lake Garda friends and I took part in the Hartford Marathon races (Half Marathon and the 5K) 

My first half marathon!