The West Region

Resource Websites for the Western Region

The Erie Canal

1. National Geographic – Creating Canals (video):

The Homestead Act

1. – Frontier House video clips:

Lewis and Clark

  1. Discovering Lewis and Clark:

  2. National Geographic:                                The Louisiana Purchase

  1. Louisiana Purchase Timeline, 1802–07 (from Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial):

  2. Library of Congress – Primary documents:

  3. Avalon Project at Yale Law Library – Primary documents:

  4. Louisiana Purchase in a Nutshell (1:11):

The Pony Express

1. National Geographic – map and photographs:

The Transcontinental Railroad

1. – videos:
The Transcontinental Railroad (3:27):


The USMexican War

  1. Interactivetimeline:

  2. 24 short video clips:

  3. America’s Story – Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo:

  4. Library of Congress – Photographs from the conflict with Mexico: – videos:

The Gold Rush:


Transcontinental Railroad:


Logging/Timber Industry:


1906 San Francisco Earthquake:


Yellowstone National Park:

Yosemite National Park:

Golden Gate Bridge:



Glacier National Park:


Spanish Missions:

Westward link: