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Posted by DallisM  On Oct 01, 2019 at 8:46 AM
Our Art Curriculum Region #10 Visual Art Curriculum Overview:         Here is an overview of our Art Curriculum: Kindergarten art is a basic introduction to a variety of techniques, materials and skills, This is the year when the students first become introduced to famous artwork as well as art vocabulary. We focus on three areas; elements of art, subject matter, and skills. Within these three areas, we focus on discovering textures, shapes, color, space, patterns, landscapes, portraits, nonobjective art, sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking, weaving, stitching, cutting, gluing and tearing. The development of each of these skills is witnessed through the success of their work. Fine motor development and direction following is key in Kindergarten. Grade One is a continuation and building block upon Kindergarten art. We are still focusing on the three specific areas, such as, the elements of art, the subject matter of art, and art skills. In grade one, however, it is more expansive. We learn even more art vocabulary and our exposure to famous artwork increases. A few of our favorite art activities include, the giant size self-portrait paintings, and the Vincent Van Gogh influenced Sunflower collages. In Second Grade art the elements of art, subject matter, and skills, are still a significant role, but we now explore each area more in depth. We focus on, not only, famous artwork, but the historical significance of the art. We begin to have an understanding of the hows and whys of art production, and the criteria for artwork created now becomes more extensive. Included in our studies of art are the Native American and Mexican Cultures and their influence on the artwork produced by their people. Grade Three is an expansion of K-2 art. We now explore the elements, subject matter and skills even further. We introduce new and different methods of creating artwork. The students become great problem solvers and critiques of theiirs' and others' art work. The kids play an integral role in their own personal art assessment of production and understanding. Grade Four is still part of the building block process in the art experience. Elements, subject and skills, are still the focus. Decision making skills, and critiquing, are still woven into the art program, but, the means in which we achieve our goals change a little. Clay building has now moved into a more challenging technique of building, called the coil pot. We have a more in depth understanding of painting techniques and the use of space. We focus a little more now on what we see all around us and how to put these observations into art. The results are amazing creations.   Click for full-size image
Posted by MatthewsM  On Oct 12, 2015 at 8:07 PM