Grade 4 Music

In the final year of music learning & instruction at Lake Garda, students at the fourth grade level continue to develop their music literacy skills, and musical independence, via the "Conversational Solfege" curriculum as used at the third grade level. Reading and writing music notation is key to mastering the fourth grade level of general music, in addition to demonstrating the ability to create, perform, and respond to music, as established by the Connecticut state standards. Students are also made more aware of part singing (2-3 parts) through the use of musical cannons and rounds. This prepares students for participating in the 4th grade choral program, and the choral program at the middle & high school levels. 

For information regarding the 4th grade choral program, please see the "Grade 4 Chorus" page.

For information regarding the 4th grade band program, please contact Ms. Kellan Mahford.