Grade 3 Music

Third grade music classes are a large part of student learning at Lake Garda School. While students will briefly continue with the previous curriculum used from the K-2 levels, they will quickly move on to a new curriculum entitled "Conversational Solfege" by Dr. John M. Feierabend. This curriculum prepares students for more advanced musical reading & writing. Students also begin to study the recorder starting in the Fall, allowing them to transfer the musical skills that they have been preparing via singing, onto a hands-on physical instrument. The recorder and solfege curriculums work hand-in-hand to promote music literacy. At the completion of the third grade year, students are expected to be musically literate young musicians, with the capability of reading, writing, identifying, and explaining musical symbols and concepts. 

Here are a few helpful tips to make sure our students are successful in their recorder practice and performance...

-Each student is responsible for bringing their recorder and method book to music class every week.
-It is expected that students are practicing at home, so it's important they remember to bring their materials back and forth.
-Students are encouraged to use the online program that is a digital and interactive version of their method book. Students can play along with musical excerpts, and focus on concepts that they need additional help with.
-Homework, in the form of songs to practice or a review sheet to complete, will be assigned each week. Please note that students have a full week to complete their assignments before their next music class. It is recommended that students practice at least 10-15 minutes every day.
-Students will be assessed via individual and group performance quizzes, written review sheets, and weekly preparation. 

Be A Recorder Star!
Here is the link to our on-line recorder program, "Be A Recorder Star!" Students will be given individual access codes, and instructions on how to log in and use the program.