Grade 1 Music

Students at the first grade level will be learning musical concepts based off of Dr. John M. Feierabend's "First Steps in Music" curriculum. This curriculum allows young students the opportunity to explore their young voices & body movements, and become more musical before moving on to reading & writing musical notation in the upper grade levels. In order for students to become more musical, the curriculum is based off of three main properties...

-Tuneful; to have tunes in their heads and learn to coordinate their voices to sing those tunes

-Beatful; to feel the pulse of music and how that pulse is grouped 

-Artful; to be moved by music in the many ways music can elicit an emotional response

By providing songs, games, and movement activities that fall under these properties, students are guided to exploring and eventually finding their own vocal and musical independence. 

We will also be exploring some of the more traditional music education philosophies/activities of Zoltan Kodaly (solfege, rhythm reading & writing), which prepares students for reading and writing musical notation at the second grade level.