Jill Garry

Silver Medal Numbered.pngnd grade is going to be fin-tastic! This 2017-2018 school year will be filled with many learning adventures. Each day will begin with an engaging morning meeting. Students will greet each other and get the day started on a positive note. Each day of the week we will spend a few minutes to Make Today Amazing.
Mondays- Sea star of the week share
Tuesdays- Talk time
Wednesdays- Wonderopolis.com
Thursdays-Be thankful
Fridays-Free Friday

Every student is a treasure. Each child has a gold coin in his/her pencil box, which will be added to our class treasure chest when compliments for being the best we can be are earned. What fun it is to vote on a reward such as extra recess, camp day, game day, stuffed animals come to school day, etc...

My primary means of communication will be via e-mail. You can expect regular updates about classroom and school events as well as curriculum information, and newsletters. This will be a great way to keep you connected to your child's school experience.