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Link to DESTINY our on-line catalog.

Link to TRUEFLIX here at school- a fun way to learn!
for access from home link toTrueflix from home
Username- lgreg10
Password- lgreg10

Link to PEBBLEGO the perfect site for K-3 to explore all of your interests!
Animals, Earth and Science, Biographies, Social Studies
No password needed from school
Password to access from home-
Username-lakegarda Password-read

Check out BOOKFLIX 
Fiction and non-fiction books paired together for fun!
To access from home-
username: lgarda
password: flix

Order in the Library - cool game where you have to put books in order alphabetically or by Dewey Decimal Number. Try it!
Celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday - March 2nd try

 Hour of Code Grades 2, 3 & 4

 Britannica School - a link to the Britannica Encyclopedia

Choosing the "JUST RIGHT" book!
We have gone over rules we follow in the library and how to take care of books we borrow.
We remember

Quiet voices
Walking feet
Listening ears

The Library program at Lake Garda helps to enhance the K-4 curriculum. Children in grades K-4 visit the media center weekly . At that time they are able to check out books, have a story and follow-up activity and start to learn about the set-up of the library. They also learn and use the many resourses available at a library. Through these visits I hope they will develop an appreciation for books and a love of reading.

Kindergarten students- may check out 1 book and return weekly.

First grade students- may check out 1 book and return weekly.

Second grade students- may check out 2 books weekly. They may renew a book up to 3 times to finish.

Third grade students- may check out 3 books and return when finished. They may renew up to 3 times to finish. We will be using the laptops regularly, to visit websites that enhance our lessons.

Third graders will be learning how to effectively research throughout the year. Their research will involve almanacs, encyclopedias, books, websites and databases.

Fourth grade students- may check out 3 books every week. They may renew as needed. If a 4th book is needed, they may have 4 books. They will be working on research projects which will involve working with reference materials, websites,and databases. 

Mrs. Martin